Assassins Creed Victory: Battle To Death

Nasyr May 8, 2015

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    Assassins Creed Victory was a leaked name that Ubisoft did not exactly expect to be released as early as it did. It's not too much of a problem though, many are expecting hugely great things for this game. Just even this newest trailer that only last for about 30 seconds has already got me hooked. You can watch that trailer down below. I have HIGH expectations for this game and nothing otherwise. Assassins Creed: Black Flag was not very impressive but.. AC Unity shows a little hope with what they have and still are putting together for it. With this elastic rubber band they have put us on for the next game, we can only do minor guesses and so forth.


    We can definitely expect to see something along the line of the base line weapons. And what I mean by that would be like a knife, long sword, hook, tomahawk and so on. As for specialized weapons, we might see a gun, poison, or knife. As for what else they may add in, it's a complete guess. They have never failed to amaze me with their creativity. I wouldn't be surprised to see a funky yet effective ability. Hopefully shield or smoke is improved as well as the maps played on. They may even just remove teleport and smoke to improve player skill and game play in general. AC Black Flag had too big of maps making it easy to escape as a runner but, very hard on the defenders.​

    The best hope I have within this new game is a improvement of the maps. I would expect them to have a figure on what the people actually like to with hold a community and will put it all together on AC Victory. For for the game will taking place in London during the 19th century, we can assure a good offset to the games feel. The Victorian era is one of the most wanted settings from the gamers. Just from the picture which you can see at the top, it seems dark and gloomy. Putting you straight into a dark age and time for only the most top notch play.​

    If I ever had to pick a favorite AC, it would have to be AC3. And for many of you that are not AC savvy, Assassins Creed Victory is for sure somewhere you may want to start. The previous games have a story to them leading up to the newest of them and would make sense to start from the beginning. If you don't though, it's not that big of an issue. They stories tend to flash back and you will catch on very soon. ​

    What do you expect for Assassins Creed Victory? ​
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