Assassins Creed Unity Free Game Offer Waives Lawsuits

Nasyr Dec 24, 2014

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    As a common thing most companies have done, Ubisoft has again accomplished. By them offering a free game due to there lack of efforts towards the DLC pack, it offered as a waiving to suing them. Not many knew of what Ubisoft has just pulled over them, nor did many care as they got a free game anyway. So to follow, Ubisoft released that the free games they were giving away as a newletter/email had a small print at the bottom, which stated basically that if you accept to get this free game from us that you waive the possibility of suing them or any actions you may try to take against them upon this difficulty they had. Since the cause of this, they had several cases dropped and little money spent to the fault of this.

    The Dead Kings Expansion is heard to release in the near future but, Ubisoft has not released any details on it as far as the release date goes. They have said that they will be infact releasing this content for free and also it will be available for all to download it. Not sure if that is another sorry from Ubisoft, or they just want to update the game with new content for people to enjoy. Most likely it's both but, I can' wait to hear more about it. As far as the terms of agreement goes.. What do you guys think about the new content to come? Especially for it being available to all and free, I mean that is a 2 in 1 deal which is hard to find or come by in the recent time.
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