Assassins Creed Syndicate: Revolutionary Dependency

Nasyr May 27, 2015

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    Assassins Creed Syndicate, most have already heard about it and may have gained interest or lost it by now. As saddening as it is for the game yet again to not have a multiplayer for people to play on, it does have a lot of ups. The game is based in the Industrial hard times of London where you must gain superiority over others and maintain it. You have a whole gang that is at your disposal and they will help you at any cost. Many people don't see the gory side of town that needs to happen in order to keep the society in a check balance. Every day someone challenges you and it's up to you to bring the thunder. Are you ready for what is to come?

    Check out the game trailer below.​


    The game will have a wide variety of gun to knife options that no one has ever seen before. A lot of customization options that will allow you to make it more of yours and feel attached to it. Things like attaching a emblem, saying, and or color options. These things are mostly rumored and have not been fully expected but seemed to be hinted at, for the most part you can expect a lot of guns and knife options plus customizations of them. Let's hope they don't try to copy Call of Duty as it seems there just briefly getting closer to it each game.​

    My basic understanding of the game is that it's a collaborative game that everyone works together on to defend, expand, and maintain as there home. A lot of fighting and amazing graphic scenes to take advantage of on this game. In my hopes, I am really depending on them to push this game to the best of it's abilities. Unity has a major disappointment and I almost felt lied to. They made it all about this working together with other friends to complete missions and it only turned out to be some missions that you can do it on. The game would have been 100% better if you could do all of it with a friend. Makes it more fun and worth the while to keep playing it. The story was fun but, it wasn't keeping me interested.​

    What do you guys expect for Syndicate?​
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