Army of 2 The 40th day Weapon glitch

Bullet Sep 17, 2011

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    Start with Fully Upgraded Weapons

    At the very outset of the game you'll be given money to upgrade your weapons. You can exploit this. Play the first mission to the first moral choice, choose "execute" to gain an extra $7,500 you will also get an achievement for choosing a negative choice. When the cutscene plays with the explosions, quit out to main menu and choose that particular campaign again but select NEW then keep using to easily gain all the starting upgrades and give your self a big boost for the rest of the game

    Unlockable: Bonus Weapons

    Have a saved game from Army of Two (the first game) under the same profile or gamer tag to unlock permission to buy the AS-KRI and Grand Pinger.

    Tut originally posted by Madasahat

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