Anything you build in Dreams can be exported for 3D printing

bornbad Oct 29, 2015

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    Media Molecule’s Dreams offers accessible creation tools you can use to make real world objects.On the first look at Dreams gameplay as part of Sony’s Paris Games Week conference the power of the tools on offer seems exciting or daunting – or maybe both.While being able to craft experience to share with players around the world is very cool, you can also share your creations outside of the game’s ecosystem.According to the source , sculptures you make in Dreams can be exported. You can use them in Unity, for example – or even have them 3D printed. ( Awesome Feature By The Way) This is starting to sound pretty amazing. If you have an imagination and can use a control pad, you can make stuff in Dreams, and then bring that stuff to life as real world objects, assets in other games or in animated movies – and probably much more.Most of us will probably just draw ....everywhere.
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