Anyone good at making emblems on the Rockstar social club site want to help me?

reluctantkill3r Oct 4, 2013

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    I have spent more hours then I would like to admit attempting to create the "Zerg" emblem from Starcraft/Starcraft 2. I am terrible at creating emblems and am finally ready to just give up and create the word Zerg instead, which is much less satisfying. I am hoping that someone who is comfortable with the Rockstar emblem editor could help me out and create it for me. I would have to either join your crew temporarily or you join mine so that I could obtain the emblem once it is done.

    Link to the emblem photo

    Or just Google Zerg Emblem Starcraft if you want to use a different image to create from.

    If you would require some sort of compensation, like GTA online in-game cash, let me know and we'll try to work something out. I really want this emblem for my crew.

    Lastly, if you don't have time to create an Emblem for someone else, which is completely understandable and okay, but you created something amazing for your crew, I would enjoy if you posted an image of it. I like seeing other people's masterpieces and comparing them to my....creations.

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