Another topic about problem with DA: Inquisiton TU 5/6

mastercoy Nov 6, 2015

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    FIRST: i know this is like the 10º post of the same kind, but i searched and in all of then, they didnt get answers or the guy just tell to deactivate fsd plugin, and the author didnt came back to say if it worked or not (dont work for me)

    Hello. im not new in jtag/rgh scene but i do have a problem with this title update
    Downloaded the right one for my game (im sure), and moved it to 000B0000 as usual,

    The problem that im having and a LOT of people, is that my game crashes soon after i load it, and i realized that all controls are messed up.
    I did unloaded the FSD plugin, tryed to boot with dashlaunch, and even with xexmenu. same problem
    the only way for me to play the game is to delete the title update

    Cant think in a Solution. Can someone please help?
    note that im playing in a EXTERNAL HDD, dunno if this is relevant or not

    forgive my english and thank you for your time and consideration.

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