Anandtech New 360 Details: Actual Power Usage, Noise, HDD, Disassembly Guide, ...

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    Playstation 3 posted a new article with lots of details of the new Xbox 360 (8 pages!). Here are some interesting details:
    * Apparently 45nm is the magic number. The new CGPU is rumored to be made at Chartered Semiconductor, now under the ownership of Global Foundries.
    * The new hard drive is a Hitachi HTS545025B9SA00 1.5Gbps SATA hard drive. It spins at 5400RPM and has an 8MB buffer. [so unlike previous reports, it's still just an SATA laptop drive]
    * Actual Power Consumption (PSU is 135W):
    - System off: 0.6W (Valhalla), 2.0W (Jasper), 2.8W (Falcon), 2.3W (Xenon)
    - Idle at dashboard: 70.4W (Valhalla), 93.7W (Jasper), 101.4W (Falcon), 155.7 (Xenon)
    - Gears of War2: 88W (Valhalla), 105.9W (Jasper), 121.5W (Falcon), 177.1W (Xenon)
    * Sound Comparison
    - Idle: 45 dB(A) (Valhalla), 50 dB(A) (Jasper)
    - Load (Spinning Disc): 51 dB(A) (Valhalla), 54 dB(A) (Jasper)
    * Guide to open-up your new 360 here

    Full Story: (8 pages)[​IMG]</img>[​IMG]</img>

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