All You Need to Know About KVs [Verify, Patch and Flash]

BMTHstanton1990 Sep 15, 2012

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    Alright guys. Been seeing a good bit of people having issues with their KVs and getting Christmas tree lights. So i'll fix that up. Plenty of videos going around, but who wants to sit through 7 mins of a guy you can barely understand and isn't detailed at all? I'm here to change that!

    Extracting a KV from a nand:
    Download: KV Modder.
    Step One: Open up KV Modder.

    Step Two: Enter your CPU key

    Step Three: Load your nand dump.

    Step Four: Select where to save your decrypted KV.

    Step Five: Select "Yes" to load up your decrypted KV you just extracted.
    Step Six: Continue on with verifying your KV.

    Verify your KV:
    Step One: Load up KV Modder

    Step Two: Click "Open a KV Decrypted"

    Step Three: Find your KV_dec.bin file and open it up.

    Step Four: Look at this box and make sure it says no Christmas lights. Now's also a good time to verify your KV type as well.

    Build a new image with the clean KV:
    Download: 360 Flash Tool.

    Step One: Load up 360 Flash Tool.

    Step Two: Click Settings on the top menu bar and enter your CPU key in the CPU key box and check the "XeX1" box as well. You can leave the numbers that are already in the XeX1 box alone, or drop your CPU key into it. I personally drop the CPU key into the XeX1 box as well as the CPU key box.

    Step Three: Click the "..." button under "Open File"

    Step Four: Select your nanddump.bin

    Step Five: Click Import.

    Step Six: Check the KV box and find your clean KV and select it. Then click "OK"

    Step Seven: Select where to save your new nand image. Save it as "updflash.bin" (No quotes).

    Flashing that new nand image to your console:
    Download: Raw Flash V4
    Step One: Plug a USB stick formatted to FAT 32 into your computer.

    Step Two: Copy the file you just downloaded (Xenon.elf) and your updflash.bin file to the root of your USB device.

    Step Three: Plug that USB drive into your 360 after you "safely remove your device."

    Step Four: Boot Xell by pressing the eject button on your console.

    Step Five: Give it some time to write your new image.

    Step Six: When it says "Power off NOW," shut your console down.

    Step Seven: Power cycle your console. (Unplug your console's power and wait about 30-45 seconds. Then plug it back in.)

    Step Eight: Fire that console up and wreck live. XPG style.

    I do NOT authorize this tutorial to be posted anywhere else.
    Shouts to XPG Tutorial Team: XPG Dutch, XPG Jack, and XPG TOMO.

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