[ALL DLC] Skyrim Save edit please!

ShockFury Jun 29, 2014

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    My save is right here!

    Should be a simple enough save modification if you use the batch file system for modding saves. :D

    List of codes are in the spoiler below.
    player.setav health 500
    player.setav magicka 2000
    player.setav stamina 1000
    player.setav shoutrecoverymult 0
    player.forceav carryweight 500000

    player.additem 00106e1b 1000 ;Abecean Longfin
    player.additem 0006bc02 1000 ;Bear Claws
    player.additem 000a9195 1000 ;Bee
    player.additem 000a9191 1000 ;Beehive Husk
    player.additem 000705b7 1000 ;Berit's Ashes
    player.additem 0004da20 1000 ;Bleeding Crown
    player.additem 0004da25 1000 ;Blisterwort
    player.additem 000727de 1000 ;Blue Butterfly Wing
    player.additem 000e4f0c 1000 ;Blue Dartwing
    player.additem 00077e1c 1000 ;Blue Mountain Flower
    player.additem 00034cdd 1000 ;Bone Meal
    player.additem 0003ad61 1000 ;Briar Heart
    player.additem 000727e0 1000 ;Butterfly Wing
    player.additem 0006abcb 1000 ;Canis Root
    player.additem 00052695 1000 ;Charred Skeever Hide
    player.additem 0003ad56 1000 ;Chaurus Eggs
    player.additem 00023d77 1000 ;Chicken's Egg
    player.additem 000b2183 1000 ;Creep Cluster
    player.additem 000b701a 1000 ;Crimson Nirnroot
    player.additem 00106e19 1000 ;Cyrodilic Spadetail
    player.additem 0003ad5b 1000 ;Daedra Heart
    player.additem 000516c8 1000 ;Deathbell
    player.additem 000889a2 1000 ;Dragon's Tongue
    player.additem 000f11c0 1000 ;Dwarven Oil
    player.additem 0003ad63 1000 ;Ectoplasm
    player.additem 00034d31 1000 ;Elves Ear
    player.additem 0006bc07 1000 ;Eye of Sabre Cat
    player.additem 0003ad5d 1000 ;Falmer Ear
    player.additem 0003ad5e 1000 ;Fire Salts
    player.additem 0004da00 1000 ;Fly Amanita
    player.additem 00034d32 1000 ;Frost Mirriam
    player.additem 0003ad5f 1000 ;Frost Salts
    player.additem 00034d22 1000 ;Garlic
    player.additem 0007e8c1 1000 ;Giant Lichen
    player.additem 0003ad64 1000 ;Giant's Toe
    player.additem 0003ad73 1000 ;Glow Dust
    player.additem 0007ee01 1000 ;Glowing Mushroom
    player.additem 00083e64 1000 ;Grass Pod
    player.additem 0006b689 1000 ;Hagraven Claw
    player.additem 0003ad66 1000 ;Hagraven Feathers
    player.additem 00057f91 1000 ;Hanging Moss
    player.additem 000e7ebc 1000 ;Hawk Beak
    player.additem 000e7ed0 1000 ;Hawk Feathers
    player.additem 00106e18 1000 ;Histcarp
    player.additem 000b08c5 1000 ;Honeycomb
    player.additem 001016b3 1000 ;Human Flesh
    player.additem 000b18cd 1000 ;Human Heart
    player.additem 0003ad6a 1000 ;Ice Wraith Teeth
    player.additem 0004da23 1000 ;Imp Stool
    player.additem 0001bcbc 1000 ;Jarrin Root
    player.additem 0006ac4a 1000 ;Jazbay Grapes
    player.additem 0005076e 1000 ;Juniper Berries
    player.additem 0006bc0a 1000 ;Large Antlers
    player.additem 00045c28 1000 ;Lavender
    player.additem 000727df 1000 ;Luna Moth Wing
    player.additem 000D8E3F 1000 ;Moon Sugar
    player.additem 000ec870 1000 ;Mora Tapinella
    player.additem 0006bc00 1000 ;Mudcrab Chitin
    player.additem 0004da24 1000 ;Namira's Rot
    player.additem 0002f44c 1000 ;Nightshade
    player.additem 00059b86 1000 ;Nirnroot
    player.additem 0007edf5 1000 ;Nordic Barnacle
    player.additem 000bb956 1000 ;Orange Dartwing
    player.additem 000854fe 1000 ;Pearl
    player.additem 00023d6f 1000 ;Pine Thrush Egg
    player.additem 0006bc10 1000 ;Powdered Mammoth Tusk
    player.additem 00077e1e 1000 ;Purple Mountain Flower
    player.additem 00077e1d 1000 ;Red Mountain Flower
    player.additem 00106e1a 1000 ;River Betty
    player.additem 0007e8c8 1000 ;Rock Warbler Egg
    player.additem 0006bc04 1000 ;Sabre Cat Tooth
    player.additem 00034cdf 1000 ;Salt Pile
    player.additem 0006f950 1000 ;Scaly Pholiota
    player.additem 00106e1c 1000 ;Silverside Perch
    player.additem 0003ad6f 1000 ;Skeever Tail
    player.additem 0007e8c5 1000 ;Slaughterfish Egg
    player.additem 0003ad70 1000 ;Slaughterfish Scales
    player.additem 0006bc0b 1000 ;Small Antlers
    player.additem 00085500 1000 ;Small Pearl
    player.additem 0001b3bd 1000 ;Snowberries
    player.additem 0009151b 1000 ;Spider Egg
    player.additem 00063b5f 1000 ;Spriggan Sap
    player.additem 0007e8b7 1000 ;Swamp Fungal Pod
    player.additem 0003ad71 1000 ;Taproot
    player.additem 000134aa 1000 ;Thistle Branch
    player.additem 0004da73 1000 ;Torchbug Thorax
    player.additem 0003ad72 1000 ;Troll Fat
    player.additem 0003f7f8 1000 ;Tundra Cotton
    player.additem 0003ad76 1000 ;Vampire dust
    player.additem 0003ad60 1000 ;Void Salts
    player.additem 0004b0ba 1000 ;Wheat
    player.additem 0004da22 1000 ;White Cap
    player.additem 0006bc0e 1000 ;Wisp Wrappings

    player.additem 0005ad93 1000 ;Corundum Ingot
    player.additem 0003ada4 1000 ;Dragon Bone
    player.additem 0003ada3 1000 ;Dragon Scales
    player.additem 000db8a2 1000 ;Dwarven Metal Ingot
    player.additem 0005ad9d 1000 ;Ebony Ingot
    player.additem 0005ad9e 1000 ;Gold Ingot
    player.additem 0005ace4 1000 ;Iron Ingot
    player.additem 0005ad99 1000 ;Orichalcum Ingot
    player.additem 0005ada0 1000 ;Quicksilver Ingot
    player.additem 0005ada1 1000 ;Refined Malachite
    player.additem 0005ad9f 1000 ;Refined Moonstone
    player.additem 0005ace3 1000 ;Silver Ingot
    player.additem 0005ace5 1000 ;Steel Ingot

    player.additem 00063b46 1000 ;Amethyst
    player.additem 00063b47 1000 ;Diamond
    player.additem 00063b43 1000 ;Emerald
    player.additem 00063b45 1000 ;Garnet
    player.additem 00063b42 1000 ;Ruby
    player.additem 00063b44 1000 ;Sapphire

    player.additem 0006851e 1000 ;Flawless Amethyst
    player.additem 0006851f 1000 ;Flawless Diamond
    player.additem 00068520 1000 ;Flawless Emerald
    player.additem 00068521 1000 ;Flawless Garnet
    player.additem 00068522 1000 ;Flawless Ruby
    player.additem 00068523 1000 ;Flawless Sapphire

    player.additem 000db5d2 1000 ;Leather
    player.additem 000800e4 1000 ;Leather Strips

    player.additem 0001DFFF 1 ;Absorb Health
    player.additem 0001E002 1 ;Absorb Magicka
    player.additem 0001E005 1 ;Absorb Stamina
    player.additem 0001E008 1 ;Banish
    player.additem 0001E022 1 ;Fear
    player.additem 0001E033 1 ;Fire Damage
    player.additem 0001E05D 1 ;Frost Damage
    player.additem 0001E082 1 ;Magicka Damage
    player.additem 0001E085 1 ;Paralyze
    player.additem 0001E088 1 ;Shock Damage
    player.additem 0001E0D6 1 ;Soul Trap
    player.additem 0001E0D9 1 ;Stamina Damage
    player.additem 0001E0E7 1 ;Turn Undead
    player.additem 000F82FC 1 ;Absorb Magicka
    player.additem 000F71DD 1 ;Absorb Stamina
    player.additem 000AE087 1 ;Briarheart Geis
    player.additem 00040002 1 ;Fiery Soul Trap
    player.additem 000AE086 1 ;Huntsman's Prowess
    player.additem 001019D4 1 ;Notched Pickaxe
    player.additem 0003B0BE 1 ;Silent Moons Enchant
    player.additem 000D7AB0 1 ;Fortify Alchemy
    player.additem 000D7A65 1 ;Fortify Alteration
    player.additem 0010D66F 1 ;Fortify Alteration & Magicka Regen
    player.additem 000D7AC5 1 ;Fortify Archery
    player.additem 0010DF50 1 ;Fortify Barter
    player.additem 0010DF20 1 ;Fortify Block
    player.additem 000D7A8A 1 ;Fortify Carryweight
    player.additem 0010CF35 1 ;Fortify Conjuration
    player.additem 0010D675 1 ;Fortify Conjuration & Magicka Regen
    player.additem 0010CF38 1 ;Fortify Destruction
    player.additem 0010D678 1 ;Fortify Destruction & Magicka Regen
    player.additem 000FE300 1 ;Fortify Healing rate
    player.additem 000D7A9A 1 ;Fortify Health
    player.additem 000D7A9D 1 ;Fortify Heavy Armor
    player.additem 0010CF3B 1 ;Fortify Illusion
    player.additem 0010D67C 1 ;Fortify Illusion & Magicka Regen
    player.additem 00100E1D 1 ;Fortify Light Armor
    player.additem 0010DF3E 1 ;Fortify Lockpicking
    player.additem 000D7A08 1 ;Fortify Magicka
    player.additem 000FE303 1 ;Fortify Magicka Regen
    player.additem 000D7AC8 1 ;Fortify One-Handed
    player.additem 0010DF70 1 ;Fortify Pickpocket
    player.additem 0010CF3E 1 ;Fortify Restoration
    player.additem 0010D684 1 ;Fortify Restoration & Magicka Regen
    player.additem 000D7ACE 1 ;Fortify Smithing
    player.additem 000FDA06 1 ;Fortify Sneak
    player.additem 0010DF79 1 ;Fortify Stamina
    player.additem 000FE2FD 1 ;Fortify Stamina Regen
    player.additem 000D7AD1 1 ;Fortify Two-Handed
    player.additem 0010A06A 1 ;Fortify Unarmed
    player.additem 000D7A8B 1 ;Muffle
    player.additem 00100E65 1 ;Resist Disease
    player.additem 000D7A8E 1 ;Resist Fire
    player.additem 000D7A91 1 ;Resist Frost
    player.additem 0010DFA3 1 ;Resist Magic
    player.additem 00100E5F 1 ;Resist Poison
    player.additem 000D7A94 1 ;Resist Shock
    player.additem 000D7AED 1 ;Waterbreathing
    player.additem 000C5809 1 ;Blessing of Mara
    player.additem 0010EB65 1 ;Resist Magic (Stronger)

    player.addspell 0001a4cc ;Telekinesis
    player.addspell 0010fc16 ;Conjure Dragon Priest
    player.addspell 000b62ee ;Grand Healing

    player.addperk 000BE127 ;Alchemy
    player.addperk 000C07CA
    player.addperk 000C07CB
    player.addperk 000C07CC
    player.addperk 000C07CD
    player.addperk 00058215
    player.addperk 00058216
    player.addperk 00058217
    player.addperk 00058218
    player.addperk 00105F2A
    player.addperk 00105F2B
    player.addperk 00105F2F
    player.addperk 00105F2E
    player.addperk 00105F2C
    player.addperk 0005821D
    player.addperk 000BEE97 ;Enchanting
    player.addperk 000C367C
    player.addperk 000C367D
    player.addperk 000C367E
    player.addperk 000C367F
    player.addperk 00058F7C
    player.addperk 00058F80
    player.addperk 00058F81
    player.addperk 00108A44
    player.addperk 00058F7E
    player.addperk 00058F82
    player.addperk 00058F7D
    player.addperk 00058F7F
    player.addperk 000CB40D ;Smithing
    player.addperk 0005218E
    player.addperk 000CB40F
    player.addperk 000CB414
    player.addperk 000CB411
    player.addperk 000CB40E
    player.addperk 000CB410
    player.addperk 000CB412
    player.addperk 000CB413
    player.addperk 00052190

    [Over the 'XX' put which number you have hearthfire for your load order.]
    player.additem XX003043 1000 ;Clay
    player.additem XX005A69 1000 ;Glass
    player.additem XX00306c 1000 ;Quarried Stone
    player.additem XX00300e 1000 ;Sawn Log
    player.additem XX003011 1000 ;Hinge
    player.additem XX003035 1000 ;Iron Fittings
    player.additem XX003012 1000 ;Lock
    player.additem XX00300f 5000 ;Nails
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    Done, click just here.


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