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Rocky Feb 9, 2013

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    Aliens: Colonial Marines will be laying an egg in your guts and hatching in a shower of blood and viscera next week, meaning its high time SEGA announced its DLC plans for the game, right? Gearbox's FPS sequel to the 1986 Aliens movie will be offering up a Season Pass for its add-ons, with four packs in the offing.

    Starting with yesterday's outed Bug Hunt DLC on March 19th, the Season Pass will also give players access to a further three packs, resulting in a total saving of 40% over buying the add-ons separately. Bug Hunt is essentially Aliens: Colonial Marines' version of Horde, with waves of Xenomorphs to shoot.

    The Aliens: Colonial Marines Season Pass will set you back 2400 Microsoft Points. The game itself is out on February 12th. Game over, man. Game over. Or rather, not game over.

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