AirMech Arena: Free To Play Coming To PS4 and Xbox One

Bullet Mar 11, 2015

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    Ubisoft has announced that AirMech Arena from Carbon Games is set to release on Next Gen consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
    Free To Play games seem to be trending lately on Next Gen consoles, this latest competitive real-time action strategy title will be free-to-play on both PSN and Xbox Live sometime in the spring 2015.

    AirMech features single-player, multiplayer cooperative and multiplayer competitive gameplay modes with support for up to Four players teaming up to defend their bases from opposing forces, by both engaging in fights and deploying other units to help with repelling invasions. At the same time the goal is to take over the enemy fortress too.

    There will be nine different AirMechs available to unlock, each one featuring unique abilities. During battle players will earn kudos points, which can be used to purchase content. A spectator mode has also been confirmed so you can view other player’s matches.

    AirMech released last spring on the Xbox 360 after previously releasing on PC.
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