Advent: A Dystopian Future 2K Teasing Latest Game

zesp4 May 25, 2015

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    Latest news from Take-Two Interactive has mentioned an unannounced game by 2K Games.
    2K have been teasing it on their official Twitter. See below for the image. They've also created a new website if you actually see from their website it says

    "The Advent Administration strives to create a world free from hunger, pain, sickness, and war. We believe in a global community of happy and comfortable citizens." Below is a counter for all the Advent Citizens which keeps increasing. You can find this on their website.


    They seem to be tweeting about this medical establishment called "Advent Administration"
    If you see from the tweet below it looks like the end of the world maybe a catastrophic disease has unleashed its deadliness into the world leaving no hope for survival. Maybe the gamers themselves has to prevent this disastrous disease from spreading to the world. Could it be a top down game who knows just yet.


    Check it out for yourselves
    Below are some more images i captured from their website:

    Picturesque landscaped city:


    Futuristic world, Looks like the golden globes going on down there.


    And the final picture which is available:

    This seems like one hell of a game and I'm just speculating on what it might be, so don't go getting your hopes up.

    Source:, 2k games twitter
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