Advanced Warfare: Christmas Items

Nasyr Dec 24, 2014

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    Those who play Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare this week will get an exclusive new piece of gear for use in multiplayer. As seen in the picture above, it looks fairly decent. Now seeing that it offers a new look and feel to the character, it should make the holidays spark with color!

    Advanced Warfare games recently sent out a mass email to gamers around the world that they will infact be celebrating the holidays with us. And in fact they have been generous enough to give us a few little presents. So for anyone that plays the game from Monday and through Friday, December 26 at 9am PDT will receive the one of a kind "The KVA Paramilitary Helmet."

    The helmet is part of a new character gear set called the The KVA Paramilitary. The rest of the pieces have been added to the game’s loot items that you can get in Supply Drops. There is said to be 6 supply drops that hold these parts. You do infact have to play each day as it says above as they may not unlock all in one day. I would assume this to practically be hinting at it only allowing one item/part to be released in a supply drop a day.
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