Adam Orth Resigns After Tweet Derp

Bullet Apr 11, 2013

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    Adam Orth Ex-Game Director thought to have resigned after Twitter exchange.

    "Adam Orth has left Microsoft" , thats according to reports. We can only assume that this is directly linked to the recent comments about an "always on" requirement for the next Xbox made by Adam Orth on Twitter..

    Adam Orth, the Ex-Microsoft Game Director had recently became the subject of a number of news stories, putting him the spotlight last week after having a conversation about the necessity of a constant internet connection for the new Microsoft Console, the Durango or Xbox 720.

    Adam Orth exchanged Tweets with a game developer from Bioware, to be exact it was a designer named Manveer Heir. Adam Orth had Tweeted that he didnt understand why people have a problem with "always on". He then went on to joke about people who had a problem with the " always on" and the remote locations they may live in. Adam Orth has now locked his Twitter account and closed his Linked In page, apparently due to threats he was receiving from the public.

    Despite claiming that the whole exchange was a passage of jokes designed to troll Heir, who is a close friend of Orth, the conversation lead Microsoft to issue a formal apology as you can see below:

    Microsoft made it quite clear that Orths comments were not a reflection on Microsofts views. However they also didnt deny any claims that what Adam tweeted about " always on " wasnt true!

    What are your thoughts XPG ?
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    MS are riding the hype right now, and if it is true that the 720 is always online, now wouldnt be a good time to announce it given the backlash that Orths comments received.
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    Hmmm 720 gonna be a peice of garbage the first yr its out just like the 360.

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