A nutshell of the eggs/map

ADDZ May 5, 2011

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    [font="verdana][b][size="4"]A nutshell of the eggs/map[/size][/b][/font]​

    [color="#616161"][font="verdana]Perk Locations
    [color="#616161"][font="verdana]Deadshot Daquiri - Top of the lighthouse. Basically the same as having the aim assist on Modern Warfare 2. Click the left trigger, locks onto the zombies head.

    Double Tap Root Beer (claymores) - As you first take the stairs up the ship (from the beginning) it's the first debris on the right side; move the boat/debris across from the MPL, proceed to the far end of the ship and there you have it... plus claymores.

    Stamin-Up - Located in the lower lighthouse/accessed from lighthouse basement; you will see a door, and an ice slide behind the stairs. Open the door and proceed outside, where you will find a room with this perk. IF THE BOX IS BEHIND THE LIGHTHOUSE IT WILL BE IN THIS SAME LOCATION.

    Speed Cola (Knife) - This perk is located close to Stamin-up; the aforementioned ice slide will bring you right to it. Be careful as it will dump you in icy water. Someone I was playing with said the knife was here too but I must run past it every time because I've never seen it.

    Quick Revive - Located at the spawn, on what i call quick revive island

    PHD Flopper - Located underneath the light house, one floor above where the old crew is trapped. Pretty useful if you have a ray gun or scavenger.

    JUGGERNOG - Toward the furthermost rear of the ship in the basement. If you run past the MPL, and continue across the ship, opposite side of the ship where double tap root beer is, you will find jug. you must go under the ship, through some water, and you will run into it. It can also be accessed by opening the door next to the mp40, and then opening a door on the far corner, that leads downstairs (next to the semtex).


    To use the zip lines you just jump and you're automatically taken across the map.

    The first zip line is located by the power on the ship. You can use it at any point, as soon as you're at it.

    The second zip line is located at the top of the light house. There are two dials on the wall of the top and second highest floor that you must operate in order to open the zip line door, making it accessible. This will take you, as mentioned before, to the end of the ship, opposite of double tap, closest to juggernog.


    in order to make this work, you must open up the upper outside section by the lighthouse, with the large metal catwalk, etc.
    get used to the delay.

    Pack A Punch

    Moves around the map randomly on a pre set timer. the Lighthouse will spin, then lightning will strike and the screen will get yellow. at this point, the light house light will bug out, until it points to some place in the water where the PaP has been relocated.


    VR-11 - changes zombies into humans, kind of a mix between a monkey bomb and a nova gas crawler. Can be VERY annoying as it will disperse herds in multiple directions, making organized circles difficult, and led the last man standing in my match to go down. Pack a punched it didn't seem any different. PaP it and shoot a zombie 2/3 times for cheevo. If you shoot George twice with it, he will also calm down.

    Scavenger - don't fire this thing at any zombies within 100 feet of you. We're talking crossbow x10. Vaporizes them. Get phd flopper. Upgrade for cheevo.

    Semtex - Semtex is located towards the back end of the second ship, the outline is on the side of one of the transport units.

    Dogs / Monkeys / Boss Round - There does not appear to be such a round. You are stuck with Senor Romero the whole time. That means no mandatory max ammos. No free perks unless you down Georgie.


    Hidden Song

    Meteorites are located on a canister to the left of the beginning spawn, in the room leading to the power (what looks like a diner like setup), and in the bottom floor of the lighthouse. Alternatively, you may activate two of the meteorites and a strange torn up poster and the song will still play. [/font][/color]
    The BIG easter egg

    Step 1: Turn the power on

    Step 2: Go to the door at the bottom of the lighthouse and knife the door...listen to what each character has to say to initiate it. They will mention needing a fuse.

    Step 3: Go to the room above, there will be a fuse lying on the table under the post board. It will not appear unless the npc has mentioned it and your character replies in confirmation. Nick the door again if it hasn't. Pick it up and bring it back to the door. This will activate the Generators.
    Originally Posted by [b]xprt shadowkill[/b] [url="http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?p=4202162#post4202162"][​IMG][/url]The fuse will be upstairs all the time after you listen to the whole conversation. It might be one the table by the perk, it might be in a corner by the closet or it might be on the table behind papers with 3 looking like car battaries. Thats at least the 3 places i found them at and they are always upstairs not entering the lighthouse.I usually either find it on the table or in the green locker.

    Step 4: Destroy the force field generator across from the door (Scavanger is recommended, but semtex grenades work)

    Step 5: Destroy generator located near the front of the ship where the power is, hiding on a small island on the left (straight past mpl)[/font]

    Step 6: Destroy generator located near the path underneath the power ship. when you clear the rubble to go to the other ship, drop down to said ship, turn around and drop down again, it's located to the right

    Step 7: Destroy generator located at dock (seen from the top of the lighthouse)

    Step 8: Return to door to find the field has been disabled, then knife again to hear next objective

    Step 9: Vodka - It's encased in ice with the bottle sticking out of the top and it's ALWAYS hanging off a railing where a team mate can be below it to catch it.

    -First place was right where the two boats connect (power switch boat and jugger boat) where you buy the debris which drops you below onto the jugger boat. It was on the left railing.
    -Second place was where the fuse box is, go up to where the mystery box is and it's on the railing right there over hanging the section with quick revive.
    -Last place was on top of the light house over hanging the section where you zipwire over.
    You have to knife it and it drops and someone HAS to catch it, if you don't it will spawn elsewhere.

    Vodka is only on multiplayer. If solo, this step is skipped.

    In the lighthouse are 4 dials each to its own floor.
    They are colored purple, blue, orange, and yellow from bottom to top.
    It is believed they correspond with the audio whatchamacallits, and might be tuned to a frequency. Hasn't figured it out yet.
    [b]Quote:ardcore82 says:
    Turn order[/b]Quote:Each dial has a colour on it. From top to bottom they are Yellow, Orange, Blue and Purple.
    Turning the dials advances them 1 number, each dial also advances other dials.
    Turning each dial has the following effect:

    Yellow= Yellow +1 Orange +1
    Orange= Orange +1 Yellow +1 Blue +1
    Blue= Blue +1 Orange +1 Purple +1
    Purple= Purple +1 Blue +1Quote:
    Originally Posted by [b]Alpha1Niner[/b] [url="http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?p=4204608#post4204608"][​IMG][/url]Okay so I immediately dismissed the morse code theory as ridiculous...but I was wrong. The morse code translates to 2746...which is the same as the colored scraps found amongst the stage.
    Each number also makes a pitch which I can only assume corresponds to a foghorn so after setting the dials (which is annoying and stupid because they all change each other)...


    ...hit the foghorns in relation to their dials in accordance to the floors. IE: if purple is on the first floor (i think it is, not sure) hit the fog horn with the same sound that #6 on the dials makes, then the fog horn with the same pitch as #4, then so on and so forth in the order of the floors. Makes sense?
    George Romero
    Shoot him and he goes nuts. Lead to water to slow him down. Upgrade a Vr-11 or Scavenger to take him out. Best if done in water. The VR-11 only puts him down for a spell, but if you unloadon him with Pap's weapons (power weapons), you'll get thee cheevo. His light that he carries indicates his health. It will turn redder.[/font]

    [color="#616161"][font="verdana]Thanks to [/font]

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