60/120GB partition 3 help

Bullet Sep 17, 2011

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    If you are having trouble opening partion 3 on a 60/120 gb hdd try using this guide 1st

    1st of all you most proberly using vista or 7 and you allowed windows to install drivers them selfs...

    1: goto logo bottom left. right click computer the properties
    2: advanced system

    3: hardware tab
    4: device installation settings
    5: never install driver from windows update

    Now go back to step 1 but this time instead of going to advance system on step 2 go to device manager
    6: uninstall the usb drivers

    7: reinstall the correct drivers for your hdd and make sure u run things as admin and have UAC turned off...
    Download correct drivers here

    Tutorial how to install drivers for noobs

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