3D Augmented Reality Video on iPad with Kinect

ADDZ Jul 12, 2011

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    3D Augmented Reality Video on iPad with Kinect


    Get a load of this hot kinect hack folks. Using the String SDK, the talented and creative bunch over at LAAN Labs have developed an augmented reality, 3D kinect playback method to be viewed on your iPad. That may at first sound like a mouthful to swallow but once you check out the video below you'll know exactly what I mean.

    This ingenious tech could allow people to view live performances in 3D as well as a whole bunch of different use cases such as personalized greetings or even sending 3D video to your friends. The process involves using the 3D recorded data from the Kinect with an AR card in order to display the video on your iPad.

    Check out the video for more

    Source: DashHacks[/font]

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