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Nasyr Aug 2, 2014

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    Yes.. It's about that time again, another Madden has arisen to be played as a fan favorite. The new striking trailer can be found here. This trailer introduces a few new things that make us awe at it. Not only does it show the new amazing graphics, but it also shows new game styles and playing formations.

    If you haven't noticed, they also added the position for you to be able to block players on the field. I don't know how much cooler it can get then that. Shedding a block, blocking another player and moving to another player like a blitz, it's amazing. There may even be found that linemen can do screen plays, also known as a safety valve pass.

    You may also taunt other players after a successful play, also known as a quick celebration. One fan asked "Will there be different controls for this game?" NFL responded with a quick, no. They also added that there may be more new controls to add effects to the game, like taunts as I said above. Everything else in the game should stay as the same.

    Madden NFL 15 brings many new formations and plays for you to develop for your teams advantage. You can also jump in front of passes to catch or hit away the ball. This also brings along the feature of being able to jump over another defender. Not like a Halo player, but you get what I mean, the typical jump over the head when there not expecting it.

    This game comes out for Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4 on August 26th, 2014. This game also brings exclusive content to those who pre-ordered the game. With the pre-order you also get exclusive player packs for exclusive characters you can put on your team, or play as. For people that order online, they will receive a custom code in an email.

    What do you think about this new NFL experience? Leave your comments down below.
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