2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Demo release coming soon

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    EA SPORTS has always released demos for their sports games a few weeks prior to retail releases and in true EA form this appears to be the case this with their upcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil title.

    The demo for 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil will release on April 1st ( no joke!) for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.
    Right now not that much is known about the 10 new game modes or team details although we do have screenshots of Italy, Netherlands, and Mexico in their customary pre-match lineups:



    We also know that the game will feature a ' Road to the Fifa World Cup' mode:


    Known game modes:

    Captain your country

    Captain Your Country is the other primary single player option. Putting you in charge of just one player, either a real life footballer or a created one, Captain Your Country starts you off in the 'B team' and tasks you with progressing to the full senior squad, becoming captain and winning the World Cup. Unlike in one of the 'main' FIFA games, the obvious drawback here is that once the tournament is over you're met with a game over screen and have no means of continuing the career of this individual you've spent so long guiding to a position of significance.

    Road to FIFA world cup

    The Road To The FIFA World Cup mode starts your campaign from the beginning and you have to battle your way through qualifying schedules or choose to customise your own. Anazlyze player form after each match and train up those that are not meeting expectations to keep your squad at peak performance.

    Road to Rio de Janeiro

    A new online mode which sees you promoted and relegated through different divisions depending on performance. Each division is represented by one of the 12 official World Cup stadiums, with the Cuiaba's Arena Pantanal at the bottom of the ladder and Rio's Maracana at the top. At each stadium you're asked to achieve a minimum number of points to attain promotion, with lowly division 12 requiring just 10 points from 10 games - fail to meet the target and you're relegated, although it's not possible to drop below the twelfth tier.

    Online Fifa World cup

    In this mode you need to get out of the group stage and then win 4 games in a row to be crowned World Cup Champion

    Story of Qualifying

    This game mode takes you back to the qualifying process with over 16 real life scenarios that the world witnessed. The scenarios from all over the globe story of qualifying allows you to recreate history with a series of objectives to challange you.

    Story of finals

    This mode will be activated at the beginning of the tournament and updated throughout. You get to play through challenges based on the narrative of the days events, keeping you up to date as stories unfold.

    There is no news of any next gen console demos yet, but we will keep you posted as soon as an official announcement is made.
    To see more about the game modes watch the video here

    EA Sports 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil will be kicking off on the Xbox 360 on April 15th in North America, and April 17th in Europe.
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