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    Hey, Click below for tutorials!

    How to install and setup Simba!
    This guide was last updated on January 5th, 2012.
    BEFORE posting, check out SRL's Frequently Asked Questions!

    As you will soon realize, setting up Simba is extremely easy. This guide covers the following:
    • Quick-guide to setting up Simba.
    • How to install Simba so it works with Runescape on both Windows and Linux operating systems.
    • How to setup Simba so it will automatically download and update SRL, MSI, and SPS.
    • Other Simba extensions.
    • How to fix some common errors.
    • Where to find quick help if needed.
    If you post about an error you are having, and the fix is already in this post. Please be sure to read the WHOLE guide before deciding to post!​

    Quick-setup Guide
    Think you're too good to go through the whole tutorial? Or maybe you're just lazy? Try this quick guide. Alternatively, you can use this video tutorial.
    1. Download and install Simba from here.
    2. Open Simba; go to View > Extensions.
    3. Enable extensions.sex.
    4. Click View > Extensions Menu.
    5. Click Extensions > Check for Updates. Let it update.
    6. Restart Simba.
    7. Go to View > Extensions.
    8. Enable srl.sex, and associate.sex.
    9. Click SRL > Check for Updates. Let the files download.
    10. Click MSI > Check for Updates. Let the files download.
    11. Click SPS > Check for Updates. Let the files download; may take a few seconds.
    12. Go to MSI > Run.
    13. Refer to this thread if you need help setting up MSI.
    14. Make sure your graphics settings as bright as possible, everything else as low as possible.
    15. Done!
    If it doesn't work, go through the whole guide before posting.

    Setting up your Ubuntu for Simba
    Note that this may not work for all versions of Linux
    WARNING: If you are using ANY version of Windows, skip to How to install/setup Simba!
    How to install and setup WINE:
    • If you don't already have WINE, run this command in the Terminal, then hit 'Y' to install and wait for it to finish downloading:
      sudo apt-get install wine
    • To test it out, go to Applications > Wine > Programs > Accessories > Notepad. If it opens, you've successfully installed WINE!
    How to install Java Runtime Environment (JRE):
    • Now, in order for you to run Runescape, you need to install the Windows version of JRE in WINE. Go here > http://www.java.com/...load/manual.jsp, and download the OFFLINE version.
    • Run the .exe with WINE (should run with WINE by default) and wait for everything to be installed. There, your WINE should be setup for autoing with Simba.
    • At this point, if you don't want to use SMART, you'll have to download and install the Windows version of Firefox (or another browser) the same way you installed Java.
    • If you have trouble running a .exe through WINE, you may have to set your permissions. To do this, simply run this command in the terminal:[Report]chmod a+x jre-6u26-windows-i586-s.exe [/Report]
    How to install/setup Simba
    Keep in mind that at this point, the steps are the same for both Windows and Linux. To avoid some possible errors, it is recommended that you disable your firewall for the duration of this tutorial.

    How to install Simba:How to setup your Simba for autoing:
    • In that video, you downloaded SRL, MSI, and SPS, and set them all up to be automatically updated. You shouldn't have to do much work from here on in. ;)
    • To make sure everything is working, copy/paste this code into Simba, and hit Run.
      program new;
      {$i srl/srl.simba}
    • A security window may pop up asking if you want to allow access to a file. Choose Always Allow and click Okay. A second/third window may pop up, in which case you should choose Always Allow for both.
    • Wait a few seconds, and another window should pop up entitled S.M.A.R.T.. You'll notice that Runescape is starting to load. This SMART allows any Simba script to run without occupying your mouse. In other words, you can do whatever you want on your computer while Simba plays Runescape for you. :)
    • If at this point you get some kind of error, refer to the "How to fix common problems" section of this tutorial.
    • If you would like to auto on your browser or downloadable RS client, you can! Simply disable SMART in the script you're using (there should be instructions on how to do so in the script's thread) and drag Simba's cross hairs over the client.

      You have to set your graphics settings properly, otherwise when you run a script, SMART will load and just sit there doing nothing.
    • If you're having a problem running a script you downloaded from this site, please post on that script's thread for the fastest response.

    • Once you're done, go to MSI > Run and fill out the form. Simple as that. ;) If you want to run longer than 6 hours, I recommend you download SMARTManager.

    Other Simba Extensions
    • associate.sex - Enabling this extension will associate all .simba files with a nice Simba icon. It will also always open the file in Simba by default rather than another text editor.
    • dtm_editor.sex - This will add a DTM Editor option to the Tools drop down menu. You really only need to enable this if you decide to start scripting.
    • security.sex - This extension allows you to manage exactly what Simba can do. For example, some scripts may try to connect to the internet for an SRL stats system. You will of course be warned of this, but the script can be added in your security settings so you aren't warned again. This adds the Tools > Security > option in Simba.
    • msi.sex - This will download MSI and create an MSI drop down menu. MSI is one huge community script that includes several skills and tons of locations. If you're new to Runescape macroing, I suggest starting with MSI. Click here for more details.
    • CRov.sex - Stands for crash recovery. It automatically saves your files in case, for whatever reason, Simba crashes.
    • paster.sex - This adds a Paster drop down menu to your Simba. It allows you to paste the currently opened script (or a selected section) to SRL's private pastebin.
    • extension.sex - This is an automatic updater for the extensions themselves. I suggest enabling this extension.
    • SRLRemote.sex - This is an extension used by some scripts to control your players. For example, if a player failed at something, you can login to that player, reset it, then run to remote so that player will start autoing again. You can do this all while Simba is still running. Keep in mind that this extension is pretty useless unless you use multiple players.

    How to fix common problems
    • Your problem is most likely outlined in this thread. The same thread will be helpful for a lot of things. ;)
    Where to find quick help
    There are several ways to get help at SRL. Most of the members here are more than happy to give a helping hand to newcomers. Here are the best ways to get help:
    • Probably the easiest and fastest way to get help is to join SRL's IRC Channel on irc.rizon.net (#srl).
    • Post on this thread, and someone will reply as soon as possible.
    • Send a staff member or an active member+ a message and they will be happy to help when possible.

    I hope this helped you and was clear enough to understand. If you have any comments/problems/suggestions, please post. :)
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    You should post a download link here and post the tutorial here in this thread...
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    Updating now.

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