100k Drift lap achievement guide

Bullet Sep 17, 2011

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    What to do:
    Go to the main menu and select FREE PLAY, HOT LAP
    Car: Mitsubishi, HKS Time Attack Evolution
    Assists & Difficulty: Turn all OFF. Shifting Manual.
    Track: Fujimi Kaido "Full Circuit". Apexeus suggests you do it on "Full Circuit Reverse" because of more downhill. I did it on Fujimi Kaido "Full Circuit", just because I had practiced several times on it already with the other setup and I was comfortable with it. It's your call on this one as I see them both working.
    -First things first. Right after you start the race, press left on the Directional to bring up the DRIFT POINT box in the upper right.
    -VERY IMPORTANT-The Rewind feature is your friend! Don't forget about it! Use it and abuse it!
    -Manual Drive, keep it in SECOND GEAR. As you go into the turn, lift your finger from the right trigger, hit A to start drifting and gently tap the right trigger to keep the drift going. With practice you will get a feel for it. You don't need to be going all that fast to pull off a decent drift.
    -Shoot for 1000 points each turn to practice. When I finally started to get the hang of it I was getting anywhere between 1500 to 3000 points per turn. Sometimes more.
    -Squeeze the max amount of points you possible can out of each turn. If you feel you could have done better or you hit the side, rewind and retry till you get it right.

    Here are the number of drift points I had at the start of each of the stone tunnels. I feel this is good reference for people on about how many drift points you should have. Restart if you need to.
    This is for Fujimi Kaido "Full Circuit" NOT "Full Circuit Reverse"!
    First tunnel: This is just after first turn in race.
    Second tunnel: 26,197
    Third and fourth tunnel (they are right after eachother): 72,894
    Fifth tunnel (last): 100,019
    Finished with 110,142

    Good luck!

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