10 Things You Must Try In Lost Planet 2!

villan4eva Jun 22, 2010

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    Don't Be Left Out In The Cold With These Top Tips :thumbsup:

    1.Save Yourself:

    You can unlock bonus callsigns for multiplayer profile by having save games from other Capcom titles like Resi 5, Dead Rising and SFIV on your hard disk.

    2.Get To The Chopper:

    At the end of Ch.3, go back to the last train car to get an Osprey helicopter VS. It's good for spotting which side the worm is on, so others can hit it with the cannon.

    3.Beam Me Up:

    Turn injector guns into super lasers by equipping them, then holding start and back together to charge the lasers. Players will surrond you to add their own energy. Fire to release a powerful attack.

    4.New Blend:

    Some types of VS will combine with others to create a super-vehicle. Use two GAB-25M 'Cakti' VS' or one GAB-25M 'Cakti' VS' and a GAN-34 'Granseed'. Just put them close together and press A.

    5.Demo Player:

    Download the LP2 multiplayer demo and keep it on your hard diskto get a special machine gun. It fires in three-round bursts, which are more powerfull than the standard version.

    6.Save The Date:

    There's an easy way to get the 'Honeymoon Period' Achievement for playing the game for half a year. Just play the game once, then go into the 'console settings' menu on your dashboard and set the date forward by six months.

    7.Air Force:

    If your playing as player three or four in a co-op game, you'll get a entirely different prologue level. Instead of controlling the Vital Suits on the ground, you're commanding the helicopter fleet in an aerial battle with Raibees and Trilid.

    8.Hidden Extras:

    There are many strange weapons to unlock, but no sure-fire way to get them aside from the slot machine and mystery boxes. Look out for the Akrid Launcher - a weapon which fires out Trilid, the super-damaging Confetti Gun and portal grenades.

    9.In The End:

    To unlock the 'Game Complete' Achievements, you have to play through a hidden level on stage 2-2. It can be found in a hole in the wall to the left of your starting position.

    10.Anchor's Away:

    When online, use the anchor to stun an opponent, then hit them with a melee attack using the Gun Blade II. Once stunned, they won't be able to avoid your follow up.

    Hopefully These Help :thumbsup:

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