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    How To Play Your Classic PS1 Games On PSP
    Here you will learn how to covert your PS1 games to be playable on PSP!
    This tutorial will have screenshots on every step for your ease, If you use
    this tutorial please can you show your appreciation by posting a comment
    or give a bit of rep or both! Ok, lets start the tutorial

    What Do I Need?

    *Psp with OE-A or M33 custom firmware

    *A PS1 game disc or Disc Image

    *Simple Popstation (Below)

    *Alcohol 120 (Below)

    A. Making your PS1 game disc into a Image
    If you have a Disc Image of a PS1 disc than move on to section B.
    Here you will make your PS1 game disc into a Disc
    Image to do this follow the steps below:

    Download "Alcohol 120" Here & install it

    Put a PS1 game disk into your dvd/cd drive,
    as a example I am using "Rage Racer"

    On the left hand side, select "Image Making Wizard"

    This window will pop-up, Select "Play Station" as shown & click "OK"

    Select where you want to save the image, type what the image
    name you want, chose "CloneCD Image file (*ccd)" & Click "Start"

    Alcohol will now make the image file, it will take
    about 10-15 minutes to complete

    Once finished, go to the location you saved it and
    check that you have 3 files (IMG, CDD & SUB)

    B. Covert your PS1 image into PSP format
    Now that you have a Image of your PS1 game we can
    covert it so it's playable on psp, follow the steps below
    to do this:

    Download "Popstation" Here,
    unrar using winrar & open it

    Press "Browse" locate your
    PS1 Image and click "Open"

    Popstation does all the
    work and choses the
    right setting for your game

    Click "Go..." and this window
    will pop-up and tell you the
    status of the coversion

    Once finished, this window will
    pop-up telling you if you want to
    copy the finished game to your
    PSP, click "Yes". When it has
    finished copying eject your PSP

    On your PSP go to "Memory Card"
    & locate your game and press X
    to start playing!

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