XBOX 360 NHL Legacy 2016/2017 Rosters update as of 12/3/16 2017-01-26

All transactions and contracts through December 2, 2016 completed

  1. techno
    - All transactions and contracts through December 2, 2016 completed
    - Updated all Captains, Assistant Captains, jersey numbers, and faces
    - All NHL/AHL players positions updated according to official rosters
    - NHL lines accurate using DailyFaceoff, LeftWingLock and RosterResource
    - AHL set to best lines.
    - All NHL/AHL goalie gear updated
    - FAs contracts set to 0 for those who want to start Be A GM
    - C. McAruthur, J. Lupul, D. Bolland, P. Datsyuk, A. Ference - ratings reduced to 36 as they will not be playing this year but count against the cap
    - Copies of Datsyuk made for ARI and P. Dupuis on their respective teams as their contracts count for this year. Each contract set to one year.

    - Using CHL will cause game to crash!!

    - Legends Team as a created team.

    How to do it.
    You need to format USB for Xbox. Check google. If the below steps do not work, there is a tutorial on youtube that you can find.

    You will need Horizon.
    Load up Legacy and save a roster to your USB or use an existing save
    Open Horizon
    Double click on your save
    Click on Contents
    Right click on contents and select replace and add ROSTER 20161203093207
    Locate the folder called CON from my downloaded roster and inject that file to game save after you replaced THAT ALSO HAS THE NAME ROSTER 20161203093207 with new roster ROSTER 20161203093207, THAT YOU GOT INSIDE THE CON FOLDER.
    Save, rehash, resign and the new contents should be on the save file.
    ****************NOTE THAT BOTH THE ROSTER FILE NAMED ROSTER 20161203093207 & THE FILE IN THE CON FOLDER NAMED ROSTER 20161203093207 MUST BE ADDED FOR IT TO WORK.*********************
    Now you have the new rosters and trades.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Hockey67
    Version: 2017-01-26
    Finally, I get successfully try and renew roster loaded! Thanks, it's wounderful! New players appear in it, all works good. Please, make Roster updates again in future.

    P.S. Only, please, make more clearness instruction that to do with files. Instruction very complication. I spent a lot of time, before been reward for effort.
    Who not understand current instruction, it simple. You need to replace Roster file in Content menu two times: 1st replace it by file Roster 20161203093207, and after it 2nd replace again by Roster 20161203093207 from CON folder.