The Cursed Crusade 04/06/2016

The Cursed Crusade

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    Last Coffer and Last Crucifix on Last Chapter 5 – Mission 1<br />
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    Select continue<br />
    Beat this chapter for<br />
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    <br />
    Chapter 5 – Mission 1 – Inside the Fortress<br />
    (Souls 1-3) – after you enter the fortress in the first room there are 3 souls<br />
    (Coffin 1) – in the same room with the first three souls<br />
    (Souls 4,5) – there are two souls in the long corridor<br />
    (Coffer 2) – after the corridor you turn left, it is by a gate with a few barrels on its other side<br />
    (Soul 6) in the same room with the coffin<br />
    (Souls 7-13) – you get trapped by the next souls, you cannot miss it<br />
    (Coffer 3) – after the souls are purified you exit a door, in front of you there are some steps. Walk up the steps to get the coffer, it can easily be missed.<br />
    (Soul 14 - 26) – one walks around by the steps leading to Coffer 3, five more are in the corridor leading to the next room where another seven will surround you<br />
    (Coffer 4) – in front of the single barrel in the same room where you get trapped by the souls<br />
    (Crucifix) – from the last coffer turn around and proceed upwards, you will pass a few arches looking down on the fortress (Hof), the crucifix is under the second arch<br />
    (Souls 27-30) – you will be surrounded by a last group of souls, it will get you the necessary number of kills<br />
    (Coffer 5) – when you exit the building, turn left and it is in front of a bunch of barrells<br />
    <br />