TF2 Source Engine Xbox 360 Sound Loader 2016-10-07

This tool creates necessary files to precache sounds for Xbox 360 Team Fortress 2

  1. UnrealSource
    This is a tool for the Xbox 360 version of Team Fortress 2 to precache sounds for all clients in every server you host. Created by UnrealSource.

    I made numerous tools and mods for the Xbox 360 source engine awhile back such as a texture converter, audio converter, model converter, mod menu creator, script creator, texture packs etc. It has been awhile and I wanted to release some of the mods. Here is the Team Fortress 2 Source Engine Xbox 360 Sound Loader.

    This tool creates files to be used for the Xbox 360 version of Team Fortress 2 to load and precache sound files for all clients in your server. When you host a server, not all game assets are loaded at once. Though models and textures can be precached on demand, sound files cannot be. This means you can only play or use sound files that are already precached in the map you are in. You must define sound files that are to be loaded before you start a server. This tool loads all sound files that you select so you can play or use any sound you want.

    To use it:
    Open UnrealSoundLoader.exe
    Select all sound files that you want to be loaded
    Select the folder to save the output files
    Hit publish sound list and all necessary script files will be created to precache sounds
    Put all created files into the "scripts" folder of your zip and the selected sounds will be precached when you host a server

    Thanks and have fun.

    Created by UnrealSource

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