Tattoo: MW3 Campaign infection Mods 04/06/2016

Tattoo: MW3 Campaign infection Mods

  1. Tattoo
    *** Semi-Animated Frozen AI (Enemies spawn, remain frozen, their bodies move towards your direction of movement, their mouths move when they talk, after getting killed their bodies do not disappear and after you kill them you can walk through their bodies!) [NEW!!]<br />
    <br />
    *** Round Skip (aka "Insta-Rounds". Applies ONLY to Spec Ops Survival and Missions. No enemies spawn and will continue to the next wave and with Spec Ops Missions you can complete it without killing enemies [only works on a few Missions])<br />
    <br />
    * Enemy ragdoll jitter (when they get killed)<br />
    * FOV mod<br />
    * Dead bodies disappear fast (NEW!!)<br />
    * IMPROVED Increased Player Health (NEW!) (Not Godmode)<br />
    * Pulsing dropped weapon icons, objective equipment and equipment crate names<br />
    * Updated Objective typewriter messege custom color (Survive.....)<br />
    * Sticky grenades [Frags, Stun, Flash, etc.] (will only stick to the ground)<br />
    * Big UAV compass<br />
    * Low glass-break gravity<br />
    * Custom messege after the loading bar disappears during the intro when "Resuming Game"<br />
    * Modded Perks (Super Steady Aim and Super Sleight of Hand)<br />
    * Reload, Low Ammo and No Ammo custom colors<br />
    * IMPROVED Low Helicopter Health (NEW!)<br />
    * No weapon-bob when walking and aiming down (NEW!)<br />
    * Increased frag grenade throw-back radius (NEW!)<br />
    * Chrome Vision<br />
    * Improved Aim Assist (Not Aimbot)<br />
    <br />
    Have Fun