State of Decay Modded Save 04/06/2016

State of Decay Modded Save

  1. Ro
    State of Decay Modded Save<br />
    <br />
    Two of all the guns in storage with 255 ammo each.<br />
    Four or more of all ammo types with 255 stacks each<br />
    255 of the best stimulants and grenades including trucker pills, Thermite, etc.<br />
    Some of the best bladed weapons in the game<br />
    Modded health and stamina for all characters<br />
    Friends with every survivor on community.<br />
    Modded skills on Marcus, Maya and two other survivors that I main as.<br />
    A few cars in the parking lot<br />
    20+ survivors on main camp<br />
    Over 1,000 of each resources<br />
    Over 150k in influence<br />
    Modded every weapon on survivors to be almost unbreakable. It'll take 10k swings to break a sword!<br />
    Fully upgraded base in church<br />
    <br />
    Credits - john1712345 & Smurfs

Recent Reviews

  1. ch
    Version: 04/06/2016
    Excellent, I worked, thanks for the contribution
  2. milldogtjm
    Version: 04/06/2016
    This save worked perfectly and was very fun to use, thanks for making this it helped me alot.