skyrim new best modded save 04/06/2016

skyrim new best modded save

  1. rosssiou
    this is save that i made, contains: every single enchantment house in whiterun with alot of stuffs you have lyda and you have like yous powers destruction conjuration etc stronger you will see you have all smithing materials like 1119 daedra hearts three object with unique enchantments all spells all shouts you cant die if you see that you have some problems charging the file its because you need the latest update of the game here is: and i recemend you to load it if you have the 3 updates of the game dawnguard hearhfire and dragonborn if not load it as usually just dont care about the message it says you have all of that and much much more please enjoy it

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    toni freeman
    Version: 04/06/2016
    the wrong file how dumb