skyrim best modded save 04/06/2016

skyrim best modded save

  1. rosssiou
    this game save got modified by me you have all items with every enchantment you have alot of special item with unique enchantments also you have all spells, all perks, infinite healt magica and stanmina AND carry weight have all smithing items all ingredients and alot of weapons, armor, clothes you must download and update to make work this save the only bad thing about ths game save is that you cant create your own character you are a breton that i create and your name is kain (the first vampire) also have speed improvement and really sorry for my english other things you have are 2 skeleton key dont touch the shouts that doesnt have information like the words for example but you can select the couts like fire breath fire ball frost breath and spike... enjoy

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  1. to
    Version: 04/06/2016
    its a dead space 3 save