Saints Row the Third Starter Save 04/06/2016

Saints Row the Third Starter Save

    3 Missions Completed<br />
    $20 million<br />
    100% District <br />
    Hourly city income of about $51,000<br />
    Control<br />
    38% Game Completion, mostly due to having the 100% District Control<br />
    All guns unlocked and maxed out<br />
    16 custom vehicles, every performance upgrade<br />
    I have used all of the DLC, so you might get an error about losing some items, but it will only be DLC<br />
    I have most of the cribs unlocked, missing 3 of them<br />
    I have 2/80 collectables, so you will have to find them.<br />
    Level 51, and every upgrade unlocked.<br />
    Some custom cars that aren't supposed to be customized. So some cars have kneecappers. The asp is floating, because of it's custom rim size.<br />
    If you have a question, message me, and I might answer you.<br />
    Lastly, I might add/change stuff later.