Resident Evil 5 Saveset 04/06/2016

Resident Evil 5 Saveset

  1. EyesOnly
    I recommend you complete the game atleast once to unlock achievements in the legit order.<br />
    First load up a level and in the inventory seen a few achievements will pop then buy a<br />
    weapon and do a upgrade on it and then another will pop now put some rotten eggs in your<br />
    inventory and ready up, now a few more should pop if not then will when you kill 1 zombie<br />
    also use the rotten eggs to kill a zombie to unlock another 1, and try shooting a BSAA<br />
    emblem to unlock the emblem achievement. Now when you finish the level you should get<br />
    professinal/veteran achievements. Ok now go into bonus features and buy anything and you'll<br />
    get the clothes/figurine achievements.