{Released} DOA 4 SE with Online Money SE 04/06/2016

{Released} DOA 4 SE with Online Money SE

  1. RedHulk
    This is for Survival Mode Only...<br />
    Mods ur Points and Wins...(Strictly offline)<br />
    This tool is pretty much for fun, if u wanna see ur name on top with a bunch of points and wins, nothin big..<br />
    I did include in the folder a online money editor, which the money is to buy everyones 3rd and 4th costumes and nice avatar clothes..ex hats, pets, tv's and etc..<br />
    =========================================<br />
    =========================================<br />
    Extarct save, open editor<br />
    mod wat u like<br />
    hit save rehash and resign<br />
    put back on MU<br />
    Enjoy<br />
    Same goes for the money editor<br />
    ===========================================<br />
    ===========================================<br />
    I have tried both editors on about 6 different saves, 2 i found off the internet and the rest from wat i had on 2 different accounts...Should work for everyone...During all the testing came back with one save that didnt read rite so i have no clue wat is wrong with that save...I even tested with saves from Modio and works fine..