{Released} Blue Dragon Save Editor 04/06/2016

{Released} Blue Dragon Save Editor

  1. RedHulk
    Decided to do a Better more Advanced looking editor so here's what i have<br />
    =================================<br />
    Editor mods each Character Stats and Attacks, Also mods ur Gold and Medals.<br />
    ================================<br />
    Why i call it Advanced?<br />
    Well it does what some or most of my editors do or did, but put most of what i do into this editor...<br />
    ==========<br />
    some features....<br />
    Automatically extracts and injects the stfs file without using X360 or PackageIO.<br />
    Creates a Backup when opening a save<br />
    Displays ur Profile IDs.....Console ID etc<br />
    Rehashes and Resigns not using the K/V bin<br />
    Nothing big that u havent seen from me already, just not in one project.<br />
    ===============================<br />
    How to use?<br />
    Open editor<br />
    Open the confile (which is the whole save)<br />
    Mod whatever u want<br />
    Hit save<br />
    Add back to MU<br />
    Enjoy<br />
    ======================<br />
    Upon opening up the APP you will most likely get a Microsfot.Netframe Message just hit Continue and the APP will open.( I have a small idea of why ths is happening and im looking into it)..<br />
    ========================<br />
    I Did have music but it made the editor way to big so i removed it...<br />
    Also any comments are welcome and please hit the thank you button if you enjoy my work to show your appreciation..<br />
    ===============================<br />
    ENJOY!<br />
    =======================<br />
    Thank you to<br />
    Pureiso for ISOLib.DLL<br />
    feudalnate for PackageIO