{Release}XBLA Shoot Many Robots SE 04/06/2016

{Release}XBLA Shoot Many Robots SE

  1. RedHulk
    Here's a editor for XBLA Shoot Many Robots, that i will also update later.....<br />
    ======================<br />
    extract whole save (slot0)<br />
    open editor<br />
    open save in editor (may take up to 5-6 secs to load<br />
    mod as u like<br />
    hit save<br />
    put back on MU<br />
    enjoy<br />
    =====================<br />
    Kinda of important when trying to load ur save it may take 5-7 sec's before it displays ur vaule (stupid dynamic offsets lol), Also when loading ur save it will create a backup for you..