{Release} Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 04/06/2016

{Release} Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13

  1. RedHulk
    First i wanna thank feudalnate for his MC02 Package Tool and PackageIO<br />
    ======================<br />
    how to use?<br />
    <br />
    1.Open 360Rev or horizon<br />
    2.open save and go to the contents tab, extract that save<br />
    3.open the extracted save in the editor<br />
    4.mod what u like and hit save<br />
    5.Open the MC02 Package Tool (its in the folder) and open the modded/extracted save<br />
    6.hit save and yes on whatever it asks you<br />
    7.add the modded save back into the contents area in the main save<br />
    8.rehash and resign<br />
    9. enjoy<br />
    ======================<br />
    please dont respond with it doesnt work, if it doesnt work its on ur part...If u r having problems just upload ur save and i'll do it for you