{Release} Mass Effect 3 Checksum Fixer 04/06/2016

{Release} Mass Effect 3 Checksum Fixer

  1. RedHulk
    I made this real quick since people are complain about the editor not working...<br />
    ==============================<br />
    how to use?<br />
    <br />
    Extract ur save from the contents tab<br />
    Hex edit watever u like (very easy to do)<br />
    Open checksum fixer<br />
    find save and load it<br />
    hit fix checksum<br />
    put modded save back into contents<br />
    rehash and resign<br />
    enjoy..<br />
    ==========================<br />
    Thank u to fairchild and jappi for find the checksum and showing how to code it<br />
    thanks to idleHands for makin a beasty editor (with the help from me) that will work to perfection soon