{Release} Marvel Ultimate Alliance AIO SE 04/06/2016

{Release} Marvel Ultimate Alliance AIO SE

  1. RedHulk
    Here's a AIo for marvel alliance 1 and 2....It will open either save also it will only show the moddable content for MUA2 when u load in a MUA2 save...<br />
    =======================================<br />
    For the first mua1 i found pretty much everything but didnt put it in because its a very old game and it was too much to do...If u want i will show whoever wants to know where's ur health,mana xp etc if u ask..MUA2 found everything also but just added the main stuff and a lil bit of stats....<br />
    ====================================<br />
    how to use?<br />
    extract ur whole save(the editor will extract ur save in the content area)<br />
    mod what u want<br />
    hit save(editor with inject the extracted save back into the main save)..it will also rehash and resign it<br />
    add back to MU<br />

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  1. au
    Version: 04/06/2016
    It's probably the only resource for this game and it works.