Profile uncorruptor 04/06/2016

Profile uncorruptor

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    When a console get’s banned, the console loses the ability to load content other than it’s own, not just getting kicked off Xbox Live. Not only that, the content is locked to that console and can only be loaded from that one.<br />
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    The way foreign consoles check if the package was from a banned console is by reading the console ID in the STFS certificate, located at offset 2 from the beginning of the Certificate (Certificate starts at offset 4 of the package). It then back checks that ID against the lists and if it is in there, it shows it as a corrupt package. Need I remind you that this is after it checks the integrity of the header (checks the RSA signature). Then it checks if the License is set to null or it’s self (see below).<br />
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    The way the banned console checks if the package is it’s own is by going to that same method but not comparing it to the banned list, but instead, comparing it to the ID stored in the KV. The next time it is accessed and signed, it sets an STFS License to that console ID. An STFS License consists of 8 bytes long for the ID of the Licenses, 4 bytes int for info bits, and 4 bytes int for flags, it starts at 0×22C in the STFS header, and goes down to 0×32C, allocating for 0×10 Licenses. The first License is always set to -1 if there are no Licenses needed (0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF).<br />
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    So how do we fix that? Simple, clear all Licenses, resign wif an unbanned Key Vault. All you need to do, the content itself is unmodified so no need to “rehash.â€<br />
    This app by DJ shepard does the following...<br />
    *Clears the Licenses<br />
    *Makes the save transferrable/workable on any profile/device<br />
    *resigns using any KV (default KV in there is currently an unbanned one)