New World Order - XBOX 360 04/06/2016

New World Order - XBOX 360

  1. Fujik
    If you attempt/finish the golden apple quest, if you wish, please leave us a comment to tell us if you'd like to see more of those and if it should be harder or not. Also, if you have any suggestions, we would love to hear them!<br />
    You can post comments there: http://www.xpgamesav...order-xbox-360/<br />
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    IMPORTANT: We are currently looking for 2 trustable builders who are willing to invest some time in NWO. Please send me a message with your gamertag. If you have any of your work on your internet, please send me the links. You will get full credits for your work.<br />
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    Includes:<br />
    - A very large castle<br />
    - An automated light system <br />
    - An incredibly huge mine - The mine itself is relatively dark, but worry not! The levers near the entrance with release lava falls on the edges<br />
    - A temple filled with traps for those who dare quest for the golden apple<br />
    - A tower a few blocks higher than bedrock that goes all the way to the top of the sky<br />
    - A snake head with a nether portal leading to a small reproduction of the regular world biome inside the nether<br />
    - Many minecart circuits (Because you are a busy man/woman and you need to get where you want, when you want!)<br />
    - An automated sugarcane factory (Right now it has 2 floors, a few more will be added in the near future)<br />
    - Houses and structures<br />
    - A particular glass structure leading to underground giant halls(An automated elevator will be added where the ladder is in the next update)<br />
    - Many secret rooms and switches-<br />
    Many redstone circuits to polish the map<br />
    - Much more!<br />
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    What to expect in the next update:<br />
    - Completion of the giant halls below the glass structure<br />
    - Completion of the temple below the well.<br />
    - Another quest!<br />
    - More minecart tracks<br />
    - Alot of polishing<br />
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    This is no where near the final version, we are currently working on it. We will do our best to update it frequently.<br />
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    All credits to XiLe V, XiLe iiL. You can use this map for anything, please have the courtesy of giving us credits when it is needed.<br />
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    Feel free to leave comments on how we could make the world better and what you would like to see in the future updates.<br />
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    Thank you for downloading.