NAND Flasher 360 v1.2.0 (Win) 04/06/2016

NAND Flasher 360 v1.2.0 (Win)

  1. Bezza
    The NAND Flasher 360 is a NAND -flash program for MS Windows. With this program you can update to a new version of XBReboot within minutes over USB. With a 16 MB NAND this takes about 8min, Including three extractions steps and one for writing. the Data gets verified for each extraction and writing step. 256/512 MB NANDs take round about 16mins (approx. 128 KB/s). Bad blocks automatically get moved to the appropriate positions (Bad block management). This works for the small as well as the larger NANDs (16/256/512MB). The program also extracts the KV and Config data from the current NAND and writes it to the XBRreboot.bin file. The function "write only valid data" speeds up the writing process. Empty blocks (0xFF) are no longer handled when this function is selected! This results in a 64MB large NAND file being overwritten almost as fast as a 16MB file. Information on the hardware and NAND is also displayed. Includes source code. (keyword: 360 jtag hack) <br />
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    Features: <br />
    * Simple, easy to use interface (a lot of the more complicated stuff gets done automatically) <br />
    * Displays information on the hardware and NAND <br />
    * Compatible with all USB NAND flashing devices <br />
    * Possible to easily add additional languages <br />
    * Extracting and writing of the NAND memory within minutes <br />
    * Bad blocks automatically get relocated (for all NAND sizes, 16/256/512MB) <br />
    * KV and Config files get patched automatically <br />
    * Verification process which results in very safe, virtually error-free read and write processes <br />
    * Deletion of the Memory Unit (MU) partition <br />
    * Only relevant blocks get written, unnecessary writing of empty blocks is avoided. This speeds up the overall writing process and preserves the NAND memory as well. <br />
    * Extraction and overwriting of the entire NAND <br />
    * Dumping of the KV and Config data <br />
    * KV and Config file gets created! <br />
    * Possible to only extract and overwrite the first 2 MB <br />
    * Real-time calculation of the current read/write speed. <br />
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    New in this rel: <br />
    - Fixed Bad Block Handling on small Bad Block <br />
    - Smaller GUI <br />
    - Small Bugs fixed - Added Spanish language<br />
    <br />
    Author: Trancy