My Personal Dark Souls Save File 04/06/2016

My Personal Dark Souls Save File

  1. RenownedZ3r0
    This file was requested by user shepcobain<br />
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    This is my personal save file for Dark Souls. I believe it is level 239 or so, and contains all legendary weapons besides DLC weapons, all pyromancies, sorceries, and miracles, so this game save may pop achievements so be warned when downloading this save file. Also, this file is at the beginning of third playthrough as I have beat the game twice as to get both endings for the achievements, so enemies will have more health and be stronger so be warned when playing on this save file.<br />
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    Enjoy it and +rep if you enjoyed using this file

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  1. go
    Version: 04/06/2016
    Thank you very much. I corrupted my save when I was fighting Smough and Ornstein and quit to the dashboard mid-death becasue they pissed me off. I was so disheartened when I thought about getting to that point again, but You had some badass stuff so I don't think I'll have as much trouble this time around, even with the stronger enemies.