Minecraft Starter Worlds For Noobs 04/06/2016

Minecraft Starter Worlds For Noobs

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    Hello, today i'm releasing my own world which I made for beginners. I would recommend playing this is survival easy/normal/hard like I did as if you don't you can't get full benifit of some features You can find what's in it below. If your not a beginner you can still have fun in this world :).<br />
    <br />
    Features:]<br />
    Spawn in a village<br />
    A big house made by me near the spawn which you can find on your map at the co-ordinates: X)51 Y)67 Z)76<br />
    Glass around the house so you can see mobs outside<br />
    3 wolves inside the house<br />
    A starter chest made by me which can be located inside the house, it contains the following:<br />
    <br />
    Full iron tools and full iron armor<br />
    2 Water filled buckets<br />
    1 Empty bucket<br />
    30 Pieces of coal<br />
    31 Torches<br />
    3 Apples<br />
    1 Stack of Bread<br />
    14 Iron ingots<br />
    11 Pieces of Paper<br />
    34 Blocks of Glass<br />
    24 Sticks<br />
    36 Lapis Lazuli<br />
    7 Pumpkins<br />
    1 Wooden Door<br />
    3 Stacks of Seeds<br />
    12 Single Seeds<br />
    2 Stacks of Wheat<br />
    2 Single Wheat<br />
    48 Redstone<br />
    ---------------------------------------------------------<br />
    An underground mine from inside the house reaching to Level 4 Bedrock<br />
    2 Underground Wheat Farms<br />
    2 Surface Lava found to the side of the house<br />
    2 Surface Water found at the side of the house<br />
    A huge crack in the earth found a little infront of the house which includes A Mineshaft, 3 Ravines and A Strong Hold which includes a End Portal(No chests have been took from either of these)<br />
    1 Bed, 1 Furnace and a Crafting table inside the house.<br />
    Please Enjoy and Download the world and leave a rating, thank-you.