Minecraft Leaderboard Stats Editor 04/06/2016

Minecraft Leaderboard Stats Editor

  1. EyesOnly
    1. <br />
    2. Put your Gamertag onto your USB<br />
    3. Unplug your USB and plug it into your computer (MAKE SURE YOU ARE SIGNED OUT OF GAMERTAG)<br />
    4. Extract your minecraft .gpd file (584111F7.gpd)<br />
    5. Open your 584111F7.gpd file into the Editor<br />
    6. Mod what you want<br />
    7. Press the Thanks Button!<br />
    8. Save and Replace the 584111F7.gpd file back into your Gamertag<br />
    9. Increase the value from each Leaderboard category to update the Leaderboard (Must leave the game before Updates occur)<br />
    <br />
    [There is a chance of getting banned for this as there is for any mod.]<br />
    <br />
    This is a tool made by ibumudes:eek: of XPGamsaves and 360Haven.