Minecraft - E&E Mining World 04/06/2016

Minecraft - E&E Mining World

  1. KingEdward
    This is a world that my son and I have been working on. It is our first attempt, never had Minecraft before Xbox version. There are a few houses, a castle, Glass pyramid, Three main mines, Rail system to the three main islands, and one just for a fun ride. Sorry I didn't have any real screen shots.<br />
    Credit to DaVyZz for the slaughter house concept.<br />
    There is still a lot of map not covered since it's still a work in progress. Will post updates as I continue to build and become better at what I can do. If you take the world as is and don't want updates, there is a cave system in the North Central area of the map that has one "Great Room", best description I have, that is awesome. it a huge room that is naturally symmetrical on all four walls. I am planning to do something in that area since this room is a natural throne room.<br />
    Anyway here it is.