Minecraft 360 Factory map 04/06/2016

Minecraft 360 Factory map

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    Map Contains a town, Castle area (castle walls only so you can build your own castle the next update will contain our version of the castle), Factory with Cobblestone Generator (Clock is now %100 resettable with no manual fix required) , Fully Automatic Sugarcane Farm, Sand and Gravel Generator, Cactus Farm, Pork chop factory (cooked pork chops 70% of the time), Fully automatic Wheat Farm, Tree Stripper (grow trees from saplings with bonemeal then pushes logs to holding area for harvesting works best with 3 people 1 growing trees, 1 getting saplings from leaves, and 1 chopping wood.) Subway system under construction. This map is an Override Productions map (http://overrideproductions.webs.com/). All farms and machines are not original creations by us however we did do custom improvements on them. All farms and machines can be found on youtube. We Plan on making more machines and farms in the future some of which will be our own creations. We want your feedback on what we can improve on and maybe you know of better ways of doing the same things.<br />
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    check out the video [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7j6tkTSG1y0[/media]<br />
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    ORP Members = Thri11ride, xX3litexnightXx, Hans215, Sirmaru, Clayguy 7, HarleyQ666, mx2<br />
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    Thanks to: DUBSTEPxKillz, extremekilla156, Peachsnapz, Punkin2Love, Deadbattleboy