Mayapower lvl 72+8 04/06/2016

Mayapower lvl 72+8

  1. Ba
    ok i put my heaert into every save all are levelled properly (no quick level)<br />
    there is max skills (all skill trees)<br />
    most legendaries i may of forgotten to replace the infinities i gave my buddy before uploading i cant remember<br />
    this save is lvl 72 + overpower level 8 (lvl 80)<br />
    the new pearl guns are in there also<br />
    the new legendary claqssmods/skins<br />
    (all masterkeyed) this means just sell them to a machine and buy back digital copies to give friends<br />
    most masterkeyed items are favourited<br />
    if you ever see me in game as im on most days all day just say hi and thanks feel free to duel me<br />
    but fear my deliverences combioned with the deputies badge ;)<br />
    (i do not mod my badass rank i am killable)<br />
    but as you will see with this setup it is quite powerfull<br />
    <br />
    i do own this copy and a psycho and mechro will be uploaded later today using the same digital data from my siren<br />
    thanks again for downloading<br />
    <br />