Master mods for waw Zombies 04/06/2016

Master mods for waw Zombies

  1. Killer32128
    **NOTE**<br />
    you might have to change the ".rar" to a ".svg"<br />
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    <br />
    first go onto WAW and select your save device to HARD DRIVE. Then press NEW GAME and then wait for it to load up and when it finishes saying SAVING then you can back out. now go to system settings and go into STORAGE. now plug in your USB (configure) or your TRANSFERCABLE and transfer the save that you just made onto it. now go onto your computer. plug in your USB/TRANSFERCABLE. go onto Modio/Horizon. open up DEVICE EXPlORER and extract the save to your desktop. now go to the download link and download the modded save to your desktop. now on modio/Horizon open up both of the saves (MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHICH SAVE IS WHICH). now copy and paste your profile and device details into the modded save. press rehash and resign 2-3 times. now press save to your device. NOW THE MODDED SAVE WILL BE ON YOUR USB! now plug in your USB into your xbox. go back onto system settings and transfer the modded save onto your HARD DRIVE. now start up WAW. select HARD DRIVE for your save device and then press resume game. it should then auto go back to the start menu. go on zombies and ENJOY!!!!