Marvel vs Capcom 3 600gs Missions 100%, 1st Lord Rank 04/06/2016

Marvel vs Capcom 3 600gs Missions 100%, 1st Lord Rank

  1. Super Geek No.1
    WARNING!!!!<br />
    If you are using this for the online 1st Lord Leaderboard achievement you must first make sure<br />
    you have playtime is over, brave new world, school of the gifted & Herculean Task, Achievements ALREADY<br />
    <br />
    This save has more than 600gs or more <br />
    1.load save a go to mission mode and do one easy mission then return to main menu <br />
    2.go to arcade mode and set on very easy and beat the game <br />
    3.go to online and play one ranked or player match for full roster achievement <br />
    4. Play A Ranked Match win or lose for Combat Specialist Achievement <br />
    <br />
    WARNING: Achievements can pop out of sync <br />
    <br />
    These are the achievements that will pop <br />
    1. World warrior 10gs<br />
    2.playtime is over 10gs<br />
    3.comic collector 50gs<br />
    4.champion edition hero 30gs<br />
    5.super turbo brawler 50gs<br />
    6.welcome to the avengers academy 10gs<br />
    7.passport to beatdown country 10gs<br />
    8.mega buster 20gs<br />
    9.ultimate nillifer 10gs<br /> gone! 10gs<br />
    11.excelsior! 10gs<br />
    12.big band theory 30gs<br />
    13.galactic smasher 40gs<br /> step ahead 30gs<br />
    15.steel battalion 20gs<br />
    16.waiting for the trade 50gs<br />
    17.i buy the issues 10gs<br />
    18.full roster 40gs<br />
    19.Back at'chu<br />
    20.passed the field test 20gs<br />
    21.a new avenger 40gs<br />
    22.back at 'cha! 10gs<br />
    23.combat specialist 30gs<br />
    24.master of fate 50gs (only if this is last achievement needed)